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We serve European and international journalists with our press releases. We regularly publish facts, figures and analysis from our latest publications or conference presentations in the form of press releases targeting the journalist community.

All press releases are available in English, French and German. We also offer free copies of our publications to bona fide journalists who quote our work in their articles or write about our publications.

Our experts and analysts are often solicited to answer journalists' questions and participate in radio and television programmes. We are very glad to do this inasmuch as the work involved in producing our publications allows.

If you wish to join our unique network of journalists covering the audiovisual industries, or simply wish to receive our press releases for information, send an email to the Observatory's Press Officer (see details on the right). We look forward to satisfying your information needs.

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Latest press releases Latest press releases

European Audiovisual Observatory announces St. Petersburg conference this autumn!

Conference: Challenges and chances for the Russian film industry

07/09/2018 Strasbourg

What’s new in Europe's fifth biggest cinema market? For several years now Russia has been a major economic player in film production and exploitation and in September we take the pulse of the current Russian cinema industry and look at the challenges and chances offered by this dynamic film market.

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Job Vacancy

03/08/2018 Strasbourg

Administrative Assistant in the field of Audiovisual Regulation to assist the Head of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) secretariat

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European Audiovisual Observatory announces Athens conference this autumn!

Conference: Licensing in the new audiovisual media context

31/07/2018 Strasbourg

What are the challenges of licensing VOD services, IPTV, OTT and satellite services in our brave new digital world? Find out by joining us this September in Athens where we are organising a public conference on licensing procedures concerning audiovisual media services.

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European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new legal report

Video Sharing Platforms – who’s making the rules and how do they apply?

12/07/2018 Strasbourg

With last week’s announcement that Instagram has just launched a new video sharing platform - IGTV – it’s clear that VSPs are this season’s hot topic. But what rules do they have to respect? How does European law define their roles and responsibilities? High time then for this new report.

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New Brexit report from the European Audiovisual Observatory

29% of all European TV channels are based in the UK

28/06/2018 Strasbourg

The UK represents a massive 21% of the European TV market 1,203 TV channels out of 3,005 in the EU (28) are based in the UK The UK is the second largest exporter (after France) of film titles exported to other EU28 countries for projection in cinemas and broadcast on TV.

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Films of the latest Observatory workshops and conferences Films of the latest Observatory workshops and conferences

Video sharing platforms: shared revenue, shared responsibility?

Our French Presidency conference held on 5th of June 2018 in Paris.


International Co-productions - A success formula for European films?

Gilles Fontaine presents his market analysis at this year's Cannes conference

International Co-productions - A success formula for European films?

Maja Cappello presents her legal analysis at this year's Cannes conference

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