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Latest press releases

Series Mania Forum 2022

European Audiovisual Observatory to present new edition of Key Trends report at this year’s Series Mania Forum

8 March 2022 Strassbourg

This presentation will take place on 24 March from 11.30 am (room Artois), during the Series Mania Forum (22-24 March).

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European Audiovisual Observatory releases its preliminary 2021 European cinema data during the Berlinale

EU & UK cinema attendance gradually recovering: ticket sales up by 28% in 2021

15 February 2022 Strasbourg

European Audiovisual Observatory releases new figures just before the Berlinale.

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European Audiovisual Observatory produces a new IRIS Plus report

Media regulatory authorities and the challenges of cooperation

8 February 2022 Strasbourg

The report examines the current challenges facing National Regulatory Authorities.

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The European Audiovisual Observatory announces its first public conference online this year!

The Media Freedom Act and Public Service Media

27 January 2022 Strasbourg

The European Audiovisual Observatory invites you to its online conference on the present and future of PSM.

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SVOD race and COVID-19 crisis boost M&A spree in Europe

18 January 2022 Strasbourg

The report aims to shed light on the structure of the AV industry in Europe in terms of revenues as well as other performance indicators.

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Films of the latest Observatory workshops and conferences

Creators in Europe’s Screen Sectors – Sketching Present and Future Challenges - 7 June 2022

The European cinema sector - diverging paths? - 20 May 2023

FOCUS 2023: Key Trends in the Film Sector - 19 May 2023



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