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This page includes links to the European Audiovisual Observatory’s databases and to reports in which Slovenia is prominently featured, as well as links to national public authorities and other organisations relevant to the audiovisual sector. Indicative translations of the names of linked organisations are given for reference.

Resources from the Observatory databases

Legal resources

AVMSDatabase: Rules transposing the Audiovisual Media Services Directive in Slovenia

European works table: Rules pertaining to European works in Slovenia

Public service media table: Rules pertaining to the public service media in Slovenia

Merlin database: Newsletter articles featuring Slovenia

Market resources

MAVISE database: MAVISE data for Slovenia 

LUMIERE VOD: LUMIERE VOD data for Slovenia

This page includes links to national public authorities and other organisations where useful information and resources relevant to the audiovisual sector can be found. Indicative translations of the names of linked organisations are given for reference. 

Main Public Institutions and Bodies

Official Publishing and Statistical Organisations

Regulatory Authorities for Audiovisual and Communication Sectors

Competition Authority

Data Protection Authority

Self and Co-regulatory Bodies

Copyright and Intellectual Property Offices

Copyright Collecting Societies

  • Združenje SAZAS - Copyright Collecting Society for Composers and Authors
  • ZAMP - Copyright Collecting Society for Authors
  • SAZOR - Slovenian Organization of Authors and Publishers for Reproduction Rights
  • Zavod IPF - Copyright Collecting Society  for Performers and Producers of Phonograms
  • Zavod AIPA - Copyright Collecting Society for Authors, Performers and Producers of Audiovisual Works

Film Institutions

Television and On-demand Audiovisual Services

For a list of television and on-demand audiovisual services in this country search the MAVISE database


Disclaimer: Please note that the list contains links to external websites where information is created by other organisations. The European Audiovisual Observatory takes no responsibility for the content and accuracy of information provided by linked sites and inclusion does not constitute an endorsement by our organisation.